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Tranquil Delight Bedsheet

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Tranquil Delight Bedsheet

Tranquil Delight Bedsheet


Product details

Tranquil Delight Bedsheet

Indulge in the serene luxury of our premium Tranquil Delight Bedsheet, where comfort meets sophistication. Crafted from opulent glace cotton with a lavish 150 gsm, this bedsheet features an exclusive bale print design, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your bedroom retreat. The multicolor palette, showcasing calming sky blue, classic blue, sunny yellow, and crisp white, creates a harmonious blend of tranquility. Available in fitted King (72×78 inches) and flat Queen (90×100 inches) sizes, each set includes 2 pillow covers for a coordinated ensemble. With a high TC fabric of 210, easy washing, and a variety of sizes, the Tranquil Delight Bedsheet ensures a peaceful and stylish escape.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Bale Print Design
  • Luxurious Glace Cotton (150 gsm)
  • Fitted King and Flat Queen Sizes
  • Complete Set with 2 Pillow Covers
  • High TC Fabric of 210
  • Easy to Wash and Maintain
What's Included
Care Instructions

Tranquil Delight Bedsheet FAQ

1. Is the Tranquil Delight Bedsheet easy to care for?

Yes, the Tranquil Delight Bedsheet is designed for easy maintenance. It is machine washable, ensuring convenience without compromising its exclusive bale print design.

2. Can I expect the colors on the bedsheet to remain vibrant after washing?

The multicolor palette, including sky blue, classic blue, yellow, and white, is crafted with high-quality dyes to maintain vibrancy even after repeated washes.

3. What sizes are available for the Tranquil Delight Bedsheet?

The bedsheet is available in both fitted King (72×78 inches) and flat Queen (90×100 inches) sizes, catering to different bed preferences for a perfect fit.

4. Is the bale print design on the bedsheet exclusive?

Yes, the bale print design on our Tranquil Delight Bedsheet is exclusive, ensuring a unique and sophisticated look for your bedroom.

5. Can I purchase additional pillow covers separately?

Currently, additional pillow covers are not available separately. However, each set of Tranquil Delight Bedsheet comes complete with 2 pillow covers for a coordinated ensemble