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Premium Bedding Sets: Bedspreads & Bedcover

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Anarkali Embroidered Bed Linen

7,300 7,750
Anarkali Ananas Bed Linen Introducing the Luxurious Anarkali Embroidered Bed Linen Set: Elevate Your Bedroom with Opulence Unveiling the Anarkali Collection: Discover the epitome of…

Anokhi Bedcover

Anokhi Bedcover Elevate your bedroom with the Anokhi Bedcover, a product of meticulous in-house manufacturing in India.  Queen (90×108 inches) sizes, this bedcover boasts an…

Ava Jaal Embroidered Bed Linen

7,150 7,600
Ava Jaal Bed Linen Introducing our Premium Ava Jaal Embroidered Bed Linen Set – a testament to sophistication, craftsmanship, and comfort. Elevate your sleep sanctuary…

Avana Embroidered Bed Linen

8,200 8,750
Avana embroidery Bed Linen Elevate Your Sleep Haven with Avana Ambi Bed Linen. Immerse yourself in luxury with our premium Avana Ambi Bed Linen, a…

Carnival Jaal Bedcover

3,950 4,200
Carnival Jaal Bedcover Transform Your Bedroom with Carnival Jaal Bed Linen. Experience the epitome of luxury with our Carnival Jaal Bed Linen, a masterpiece meticulously…

Celebration Decor Bed Linen

5,600 6,250
Celebration Decor Bedcover Indulge in the opulence of our premium Celebration Decor Bedcover, a masterpiece crafted with precision through in-house manufacturing in India. The Tafta-inspired…

Cotton Bliss 2.0 Bedspread

5,150 6,999
Cotton Bliss Rose Bedspread Indulge in the opulence of our premium Celebration Decor Bedcover, a masterpiece crafted with precision through in-house manufacturing in India. The…

Cotton Bliss Rose Bedspread

3,699 3,850
Cotton Bliss Rose Bedspread Indulge in the exquisite charm of our premium Cotton Bliss Rose Design Bedcover, meticulously crafted through in-house manufacturing in India. This…

Dupin Carry Ambi Bedcover

5,150 5,450
Dupin Carry Ambi Bedcover Elevate your bedroom aesthetics with the Dupin Carry Ambi Bedcover Set, a testament to opulence and fine craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in…

Emila Quilted Bedcover

Emila Quilted Bedcover Emila Quilted Bedcover Set: Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary with Premium Comfort Transform your bedroom into a haven of sophistication with our Emila…

Fantasy Rope Bedspread

5,050 5,400
Fantasy Rope Bedspread Indulge in the opulence of our Fantasy Rope Bedspread, meticulously crafted through in-house manufacturing in India. Available in King (100×108 inches) and…

Handblock Bedcover

Handblock Bedspread Unite the space with a touch of artistry that evokes visions of snow, winter breezes, and endless road trips. Pines and palms adorned…

Marina Gol Chakri Bedspread

8,200 8,750
Marina Gol Chakri Bedspread Elevate your bedroom decor with the Marina Gol Chakri Bedcover Set, a masterpiece crafted with precision through in-house manufacturing in India.…

Matte 2.0 Bed Linen

7,400 8,200
Matte 2.0 Bed Linen Elevate your sleep space with the touch of luxury and craftsmanship that defines our in-house manufacturing. Made with pride in India,…

Matte Flower Aari Bed Linen

6,250 6,650
Matte Flower Aari Bed Linen Indulge in the luxury of our Premium Matte Flower Aari Bedcover Set, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and in-house manufacturing.…

Maxo Embroidered Rose Bedcover

6,700 7,150
Maxo Rose Bedcover Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of luxury with our Premium Matte Maxo Embroidered Rose Bedcover Set. Crafted with precision in-house and…

Mehak Embroidered Tafta Bedspread

6,600 6,990
Mehak Tafta Bedspread Elevate Your Sleep Haven with Premium Matte Mehak Embroidered Tafta Bedcover Set Experience the epitome of luxury and style with our Premium…

Sequence Jaal Bed Linen

6,990 7,800
Sequence Jaal Bed Linen Elevate your bedroom decor with our Premium Matte Sequence Jaal Bedcover Set, a masterpiece of in-house manufacturing in India. This bedspread…

Shilpi Sequence Bedcover

6,600 6,990
Shilpi Sequence Bedcover Immerse your bedroom in the luxurious charm of our Premium Matte Shilpi Sequence Bedcover Set. Crafted in-house in India, this bedspread set…

Spring Jaal Bed Linen

6,750 7,250
Spring Jaal Bed Linen Experience the epitome of luxury with our Premium Matte Spring Jaal Bed Linen Set, meticulously crafted in-house in India. Available in…

TNT Bedspread

TNT Cotton Quilted Bedspread our exquisite Premium Jaipuri TNT Bedspread, a celebration of traditional craftsmanship, comfort, and artistic design. Handcrafted and handmade in Jaipur, each…

Toffee Quilted Bedcover

6,600 6,990
Toffee Quilted Bedcover Elevate your bedroom aesthetics with our Premium Toffee Quilted Bedcover Set, a testament to in-house manufacturing excellence in India. Available in King…

Truffle Bedspread

6,990 7,850
Truffle Velvet Ambi Bedspread our Premium Truffle Bedspread Set, a masterpiece in home decor that seamlessly combines luxury, craftsmanship, and comfort. Elevate your bedroom aesthetics…

Visby Bale Handwork Bedspread

7,250 7,750
Visby Bale Handwork Bedspread our exquisite Visby Bale Handwork Bedspread Set – a symbol of opulence and craftsmanship that transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary…

Vixen Bed Linen

3,699 3,850
Vixen Self Bed Linen our premium Vixen Bed Linen Set — a luxurious fusion of style and comfort that redefines your bedroom aesthetics. Expertly crafted…

Premium Bedcovers by Sughati: Elegance Redefined

Welcome to our exquisite collection of premium bedcovers, where luxury meets artistry; every piece is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship. Elevate your bedroom aesthetics and indulge in the luxury of handcrafted, exclusive designs that seamlessly blend comfort and style.


Features that Define Luxury: Exquisite Handcrafted Bed Spreads

Immerse yourself in the charm of handcrafted bedspreads that transcend the ordinary. Our exclusive range features intricate embroidery, delicate threadwork, and timeless designs, adding a touch of artisanal elegance to your living space.

  • Embroidery Extravaganza: Immerse yourself in the art of embroidery with bedcovers showcasing intricate and exquisite patterns.
  • Handcrafted Marvels: Each bedcover is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, ensuring a unique and exclusive addition to your home.
  • Timeless Threadwork: Delicate threadwork adds a touch of sophistication, creating a visual feast for the connoisseur of fine living.

Designer Bedcovers: Where Art Meets Comfort

Our designer bedcovers redefine luxury with exclusive designs that combine aesthetics and comfort seamlessly. Our collection caters to diverse tastes, from traditional ambi and jaal patterns to contemporary ananas and gol chakri.

  • Traditional Elegance: Embrace the charm of traditional designs like ambi, jaal, and gol chakri for a classic touch.
  • Contemporary Flair: Explore modern designs such as ananas (pineapple) and rope patterns, offering a fresh and trendy appeal.
  • Versatile Selection: From sequence to rose (gulab) and flower aari, our collection caters to a myriad of design preferences.

Materials that Speak of Opulence

Selecting the finest materials is at the core of our commitment to delivering unparalleled comfort. Each bedcover is available in premium materials, including taffeta, cotton, velvet, dupin, lycra, and silk, ensuring a luxurious touch against your skin.

  • Luxurious Tafta: Revel in the richness of tafta, adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom.
  • Breathable Cotton: Experience the breathability and comfort of cotton, perfect for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Velvet Bliss: Indulge in the sumptuous feel of velvet, offering a plush and luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Elegant Silk: Embrace the sophistication of silk, known for its smooth texture and timeless appeal.

Sizes Fit for Royal Bed Linens

Our bed linens are available in regal sizes – king and queen, ensuring that your bed is adorned with the perfect fit. Embrace the grandeur and spaciousness of a king-sized bed or the cosy elegance of a queen-sized bed.

  • Kingly Dimensions: Experience the grandeur of a king-sized bedcover, creating a focal point for your bedroom.
  • Queenly Comfort: Enjoy the snug fit of a queen-sized bedcover, enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of your sleeping space.

Designs that Enchant Luxury Bedding Set

Our curated designs are a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, each telling a unique story. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of ambi or the modern charm of sequence, our bedcovers cater to every taste.

  • Ambi: Timeless and classic, ambi patterns exude elegance and sophistication.
  • Sequence: Add a touch of glamour with bedcovers adorned with sequins and intricate sequence patterns.
  • Jaal: Embrace the intricate beauty of jaal designs, offering a delicate and sophisticated allure.
  • Ananas (Pineapple): A symbol of hospitality, ananas patterns bring a welcoming charm to your bedroom.
  • Rope: A modern and chic rope pattern bedding set adds a contemporary flair to your living space.
  • Rose (Gulab): Classic and romantic, rose patterns evoke a sense of timeless beauty.
  • Gol Chakri: Radiate opulence with bedcovers featuring the charm of Gol Chakri designs.
  • Flower Aari: Delicate and intricate flower aari patterns showcase the artistry of hand embroidery.
  • Embroidery: Elevate your bedroom with bedcovers featuring exquisite embroidery, adding a touch of luxury.
  • Bale Handwork: Artisanal and unique bale handwork designs create a visual masterpiece on your bed.

Quilted Luxury Bed Cover Set

Most of our bedcovers are quilted, ensuring visual appeal and an added comfort layer. The quilted designs provide a cosy and inviting atmosphere, making your bedroom a sanctuary of relaxation.

  • Quilted Elegance: Experience the luxurious comfort of quilted bedcovers, adding a layer of warmth and style.
  • Non-Quilted Sophistication: We also offer non-quilted options for those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look.

A Palette of Colors to Enchant Duvet Covers

Dive into a world of colours that evoke emotions and set the mood. Our duvet covers are available in a rich palette, from timeless whites to bold reds, ensuring there’s a shade to complement every taste and interior theme.

Neutral Elegance

  • White: Timeless and versatile, white bedcovers exude a sense of purity and sophistication.
  • Grey: A subtle and sophisticated choice, grey bedcovers seamlessly blend into various interior styles.
  • Mouse: The muted and warm tone adds a touch of cosiness to your bedroom.
  • Fawn: Embrace the earthy charm of fawn, creating a serene atmosphere.

Pastel Perfection

  • Pink: Delicate and charming pink bedcovers bring a touch of romance to your sleeping space.
  • Pista Green: A soothing and refreshing choice, pista green evokes a sense of calmness and tranquillity.
  • Light Gajri: A subtle blend of grey and pink, light-gajri adds warmth to your bedroom.

Bold and Beautiful

  • Brown: Rich and warm, brown bedcovers make a bold statement, adding a touch of luxury.
  • Maroon: A regal choice, maroon bedcovers exude luxury and sophistication.
  • Blue: Cool and calming blue bedcovers create a serene and peaceful ambience.
  • Gold: Elevate your bedroom with the shimmering elegance of gold, making a statement of luxury.
  • Red: Symbolizing passion and energy, red bedcovers add a vibrant and bold touch to your bedroom.

Unmatched Quality: 100 GSM High-Quality Fibre

At the core of our commitment to excellence is 100 GSM high-quality fibre. We ensure that our bedcovers look exquisite, plush, and luxurious, providing a cocoon of comfort for a rejuvenating sleep.

Complete Bedspread Sets for Ultimate Luxury

Most of our bedcovers come as complete sets, ensuring you have everything you need for a fully coordinated and elegant bedroom. Each set includes a bedcover and two pillow covers, with some variations offering additional items such as two cushion covers and a sham.

  • Perfect Pairing: The bedspread and pillow covers are meticulously crafted to complement each other, creating a harmonious look.
  • Additional Accents: Choose sets with two cushion covers for added flair or a sham for an extra layer of sophistication.

Elevate Your Bedroom: Shop Exclusive Bedcovers Now

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with our premium bedcovers. Immerse yourself in the luxury of handcrafted designs, exquisite embroidery, and a rich colour palette. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of luxury and indulge in the art of fine living. Shop our exclusive collection now and redefine elegance in your sleeping space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! Here are 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our premium bedcovers:

1. What materials are used in your premium bedcovers?

Our bedcovers are crafted from luxurious materials, including tafta, cotton, velvet, dupin, lycra, and silk.

2. Are your bedcovers available in different sizes?

Our bedcovers come in regal sizes – king and queen – ensuring a perfect fit for various bed dimensions.

3. Do you offer non-quilted options for bedcovers?

Absolutely. While most of our bedcovers are quilted for added comfort, we provide non-quilted options for a sleek and sophisticated look.

4. What makes your bedcovers exclusive?

Our bedcovers are exclusive due to their exquisite, handcrafted designs, intricate embroidery, and premium materials, ensuring a touch of luxury in every piece.

5. Can I find block-printed bedspreads in your collection?

Yes, we offer block-printed bedspreads, adding a traditional and artistic touch to your bedroom.

6. Are the bedcovers machine washable?

Most of our bedcovers are designed for easy maintenance and are machine washable, ensuring practicality and convenience.

7. Do your bedcovers come in complete sets?

Most of our bedcovers are sold as complete sets, including a bedcover and two pillow covers. Some variations also include additional items like cushion covers and a sham.

8. Can I find bedspreads with specific designs like ananas or gol chakri?

Certainly! Our collection includes a variety of designs, including ananas (pineapple), gol chakri, and many more, catering to diverse tastes.

9. What is the thread count of your bedcovers?

Our bedcovers boast high-quality thread counts, ensuring a soft and sumptuous feel against the skin for a truly luxurious sleep experience.

10. How can I personalize my bedcover?

While our designs are already exquisite, we offer personalization options such as monogramming and embroidery for a unique and thoughtful touch.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know about our premium bedcovers!