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Top 5 Bedcover Hand Embroidery Patterns to Bring Home This Diwali

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Diwali is coming soon, and it’s a time when we clean our homes, light diyas, and decorate. To make your home fancy and traditional, you can use pretty hand embroidered bedcovers. These bedcovers are like art and can make your bedroom feel cozy and festive. They make your bedroom look nice and comfortable. Also, you can get bedcover hand embroidery patterns at an affordable price at Sughati and make your personal space more inviting and comfortable.

Hand-embroidered bedcovers can elevate the look and comfort of your bedroom. Imagine soft blankets adorned with tiny, colorful tales. Skilled hands craft intricate patterns, turning plain fabric into a canvas of warmth. Each thread tells a story, forming a patchwork of comfort and tradition. It’s like sleeping under a quilt of memories, where every stitch is a whisper of craftsmanship and care. These bedcovers aren’t just blankets; they’re a hug from generations past, a tangible embrace that we get to wrap ourselves in every night.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 bedcover hand embroidery patterns to bring home this Diwali. Check them out at Sughati Bed Cover Set collections and decide for yourself on the ones you want to bring home.

Best 5 Bedcover Hand Embroidery Patterns

1. Anarkali Embroidery:

Anarkali, a name reminiscent of the graceful Mughal era, is a timeless choice. The Anarkali embroidery pattern features intricate floral designs that are reminiscent of the exquisite patterns found in royal gardens. The delicate stitches and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing effect that can become the focal point of your room. This kind of hand work adds a touch of grandeur to your bedroom. It makes it perfect for the Diwali festivities.anarkali embroidered bed linen

2. Ava Jaal Embroidery:

The Ava Jaal embroidery pattern is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of symmetry and balance. This pattern involves intricate geometric designs, giving your bedcover a mesmerizing look. It’s like a creation of art on your bed, adding a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. The Ava Jaal embroidery pattern is a splendid choice to bring home this Diwali for a contemporary and stylish feel.

3. Avana Embroidery:

Avana embroidery is all about the natural world.  It comes with motifs of leaves, vines, and flowers. Adding this bedcover will bring the beauty of nature into your home. The Avana embroidery pattern reflects the balance of the outdoors with a sense of serenity. The intricate details of this pattern make it a great choice for your bedroom during the festive season.carnival jaal bedcover

4. Carnival Jaal Embroidery:

Carnival Jaal embroidery is like a burst of joy on your bed. It exudes the festive spirit of Diwali with its playful patterns and vibrant colors. This embroidery pattern is full of energy and enthusiasm. It is a perfect choice for celebrating the joy of the festival and making your space more comfortable. It’s a great way to bring a bit of the carnival’s vibrancy and excitement right into your bedroom.

5. Maxo Embroidery Rose:

If you love the charm of roses, the Maxo Embroidery Rose pattern is the one for you. This pattern is all about the elegance of roses, delicately hand-embroidered on your bedcover. The romantic and timeless beauty of roses can add a touch of romance and nostalgia to your bedroom. It’s a perfect choice to make your space warm and inviting this Diwali. So, add these bedcovers to your bed and make your room look more inviting and cozy.


Diwali is a happy festival with lots of lights. You can make your home even happier by adding pretty hand-embroidered bedcovers. You can pick the one you like best from the above mentioned 5 patterns. These bedcovers make your bedroom look nice and fancy. They make your home feel warm and happy during Diwali.

If you want to get these beautiful bedcovers, you can check out the range at Sughati. We have many designs, including the ones we have mentioned above. We sell superior quality bed linens at affordable prices. Adding these bedcovers is an easy way to make your home look nice for Diwali. So, don’t wait! Pick your favorite bedcover and have a happy Diwali!


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